Experiences, influences and reflections of the O’Bosan

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[caption id="attachment_341" align="aligncenter" width="479"] O'Bosan as instructor of Ni Sei GoJu Ryu [/caption]
O'Bosan Owen Watson
Sung Lung Miu
Obosan Owen Watson.. AKA Charles Song

That's a long story so, I will only speak of my experience.

Anyone From South Lake Tahoe During the 80's could tell you the most hardcore traditional Kung Fu training was 3 days a week at the raquetball club on the basketball court with Sung Lung Miu. Most came did one class and quit. Very few could withstand the routine and disipline required to make it through a regular class let alone sparring class at Obosan's House on Sunday.

The class was taught in Japanese and Obosan's voice was loud & unforgiving in general. I still use the warmup workout from that class to weed out the quitters right away in my school. I do this out of respect for the time he invested in me.

I was born with a heart problem and had an operation @ 5 yrs. old and had some limitations physically
( I thought) and The O'bosan told me of his polio as a child and how he overcame it.

His answer to my problems was 200-300 extra push-ups (ask anyone who was there) with his foot on top of a 5o pound olympic weight on my back every class.

I and another Student Glenn Ferriott were one day riding skateboards down the twisting road from Heavenly Valley Ski Resort. I had to jump off after relaxing too much and Glenn said I was doing 35 and pulling away from the chase car ( safety measure to go to Hospital if you eat it). One loud Kiai -ete' and I jumped a front shoulder roll to a Neko ashi dache ( cat stance) with both hands up. road rash on my shoulder and forearm.

Glenn jumped out when he caught up and asked if I was o.k.. He said, you stuck that at 35 mph are you sure your o.k.. I said yep & took 1 step and both my legs collapsed. The people who's yard i did it in front of were on the porch with their jaws dropped.Stunned..

I showed up at class on crutches and asked for permission to miss class. O'bosan said, "you didn't do that in class, Gi Up" so I did. with two sprained ankles a leg brace for torn ligaments on my right knee area and a back brace. I did 333 jumping jacks and completed a 2 hour class w, extra push-ups. There was no excuse for missing class..

Tell me how tough your teacher was again?
Don't believe it. Bow in.... pads? don't think so.
Only when they made us at tournaments. Respect and Control are what we were taught.

I used to wake up out of a dead sleep in the Iron Wall Stance. My shoes would rip on the sides from standing on them to improve my side and konsetsu kicks and toes through the bottom from pounding on the balls of my feet for a better front kick..

I continued to study under other wonderful Masters but this is the class I started @ 16 that made me a man.. It was the foundation for my work ethic and dedication. Once you have seen the real deal, imposters and slackers are easy to spot. I could jump 6 foot high fences without touching them and land running. try that sometime..

I use the Sung Lung Miu Credo because I believe in it. and it means something to me as does the list of Masters we paid repect to at the beginning and end of each class.
I'm one of the only people I know who doesn't own guns. " I bear No Arms" means just that. If I was to need a weapon it will present itself. It has always been true.

Many have gone on to the next place Like O'Bosan but in My class they are not forgotten....

He gave me the Basics and curiousity to study other styles strengths' and weaknesses in case I should have to fight them. I don't "teach" His style but I have been known to use it in a fight. That used to be my job.


" Sokura no no ko koru, The Mind is Like Water"

Michael Stout, founder of Outlaw Style Martial Arts